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Jeppe School For HIGH boys :D

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Posted by DJrappiD - July 14th, 2010

-18 1i 18 1i,16 1i 1u 1g 2p 18 3g n 3v 1,95 -45 98 -39 97 -28 92 -15 8o 2 8c 18 7r 29 74 38 68 41 5a 4m 4a 55 38 5e 21 5j u 5j -3 5d -14 53,-5n aa -54 b9 -43 c7 -2r d0 -19 dk i e2 2g e9 4e e8 6d e6 8c e6 aa e9 c7 ec e2 ef fm eh h3 eh ih eh jn eg,op dr ph d8 qd co rb cf sa cc t9 cc ua cd v8 ce 104 cf 113 ci 11q d0 12f di 139 ec 145 f7 157 g8 167 h8 175 if 181 js 18n le 199 n3 19p oq 1a8 qi 1ao sb 1b4 u5 1bh 100 1c3 11q 1d8 13i 1em 154 1ga 16g 1i4 17j 1k4 18e 1lm 18u 1n8 19a 1pb 19l 1ra 19s 1t8 19v 1v6 19r 211 19f 22p 18q 24c 17s 25o 16n 26l 15g 277 14b 27k 130 27r 11q 28j 11q 28k 12l 28m 13f 28p 146 28q 14t 28r 15n,-19 1i -1t 1h -2j 1g -39 1b -3s v -4a c -4c -c -4a -13,-4b -11 -42 -1p -3i -2k -2t -3d -22 -45 -14 -4p 4 -5a 1e -5o 32 -6d 4h -6t 62 -74 7c -71 8d -6g,4e 9 41 u 3b 1c 2i 1n 1n 20 s 26 -2 25 -13 20 -24 1r -30 1l -3q 1f -4h 10 -50 a -52 -i -4r -1c -4f -25 -4j -33 -5i -3q -6n -3u -7e -31,94 -44 8v -4p 8p -5d 8j -62 8a -6k,40 1 4e 8,jm eg kh ej lh ej mg eh nh ea om e0 pn dm qj dc,-7e -34 -8k -39,-8r -36 -92 -2c -97 -1e -99 -9 -96 u -8v 20 -8m 38 -8a 4e -7u 5f -7f 6h -6v 7i -6f 8h -5v 9e -5d ad -4t b9,28r 15n 28u 16s 291 188 294 19n 299 1bb 29i 1cp 29u 1e9 2ab 1fv 2at 1i0 2bd 1jr 2bv 1lr 2ci 1nt 2d6 1q0 2du 1s1 2em 1u1 2fg 200 2ga 21s 2h3 23n 2hs 25g 2ik 278 2jf 28v 2kc 2ak 2lc 2c8 2mf 2dq 2nm 2fa 2p3 2gn 2qk 2i1 2s8 2j9 2ts 2kf 2vi 2lj 317 2mk 32u 2nh 34l 2oa 36b 2p1 380 2pj 39k 2q3 3b7 2qh 3da 2qs 3fa 2r3 3h9 2r6 3j7 2r8 3l5 2rb,49s 2gi 49c 2g2,3l2 2r8 3lm 2r6 3m8 2r3,3m5 2r4 3n3 2qu,37f 4l1 3fd 4th,3fi 4th 3rj 4kc,4mq 2uh 4nn 2uh 4or 2ub 4pv 2tt 4qu 2tb 4rr 2sm 4sl 2ru 4td 2r2 4tv 2q1 4u4 2op 4u0 2n4 4tk 2lk 4sm 2kf 4r0 2jo 4p4 2j9,4bv 2ts 4mr 2uh,4at 413 41k 4cv,4c8 319 4c8 3af 3np 3ac 3np 310,3nq 32r 3pk 32r,4c7 33k 49p 33k,3ph 32m 3pi 33g 3pj 34c 3pk 35d 3ps 36a 3qb 379 3qv 386 3rp 38v 3so 39h 3tl 3a0 3uk 3ac 3vi 3am,49p 33i 49p 34d 49h 357 494 364 48l 36u 481 37s 47b 38k 46d 39d 45b 3a4 44c 3al 43b 3b4,3sl 39l 3ts 39q 3v4 39u 407 3a2 41b 3a5 42h 3a8 43m 3aa 44q 3a9 45t 3a7 46s 3a3 47s 39s 48m 39i#3ns 318 3p0 31o 3pp 31l 3qk 327 3rg 31r 3se 32d,3so 324 3ta 31i,3td 31i 3u9 32d 3v4 31o 40f 336,40i 32j 414 31o 42r 32m,42r 32j 43e 32a,43e 327 45b 32s,45e 32p 463 32g 481 336,487 333 498 32d 4ag 339,4aj 339 4c1 32d,40i 32v 40l 32d,-20 -n 20 -5,29 -7 4h -1c,4m -1e 72 -1a,72 -19 5l 11 2g 33 -t 3k,-t 3k -7b 4f,-7b 4g -3s b5 16 df oe dc pl cv qs c5,qu c3 110 bs 17b h0 1b9 qo 1di 12g 1hp 16k 1sd 19d 23b 17o 26v 12t,270 12t 287 u3 292 125 29g 1b5 2gs 205 2rv 2h6 3fs 2q7,3fr 2q4 3nh 2pr,3ni 2pq 3ul 2p9 4cu 2t5 4ou 2t5 4s9 2qa,4s9 2q9 4sj 2mh 4qd 2l0,4qd 2kv 4nb 2ka,4n7 2k9 4if 2kl 4dt 2np,4dj 2nq 48m 2ss,48m 2ss 472 30f#B 4pl 2jk 89,B 61 3r 7n

Posted by DJrappiD - June 5th, 2010

Please check out my music and vote and review..
my ratings have been on a standstill for a while now :(



Posted by DJrappiD - November 26th, 2008

Ive uploaded new songs to the portal
Heres the links :)

Mega bass:
http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen /189871

http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen /191294

Star Wars Trance:
http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen /191312

My submissons to the portal